Wrestling’s Crisis

Indian Grapplers Bereft of Tricolour Glory

In a saga of unending tribulations, our wrestlers find themselves shackled once again. The blow renders them unable to vie beneath the Indian tricolour at the impending World Championships. A lamentable truth emerges: our exceptional wrestlers, those who have brought laurels to the nation, are now relegated to the status of ‘neutral athletes’.

The medals they might clinch shall remain disconnected from India’s honour. This ignominious episode unfurls on the heels of the Wrestling Federation of India’s (WFI) suspension from the United World Wrestling (UWW), the esteemed global custodian of amateur wrestling. The cause: the WFI’s inability to conduct crucial elections. The International Olympic Committee, swift in its actions, had appointed an ad hoc panel on April 27, tasking them with orchestrating the elections within a span of 45 days. A mere day later, a stern warning was dispatched by the UWW to the WFI, cautioning that failure to meet this deadline would lead to suspension.

The consequence of this conundrum is now clear—the tricolor, a beacon of national pride, will not flutter as our wrestlers tread the international arena. Behind this grave lapse lies a disheartening spectacle: a tug-of-war between India’s aggrieved athletes and power-hungry wrestling administrators. As the sand slipped through the hourglass, elections that should have been a cornerstone of unity turned into a chronicle of delay. The UWW’s vigilant gaze observed this spectacle of internal discord, yet the ad hoc panel failed to muster the needed resolve to restore order. The root of these impediments lies in the fracas over the participation rights in the polls, as state bodies in disarray sought legal intervention. In the midst of this turmoil, the shadows of allegations loom large. Charges of sexual harassment, underpinned by endorsements from eminent stars, were leveled by young women wrestlers against the former chief of the WFI, Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh.

An unsettling cloud envelops these claims, even as the wrestlers suspend their high-profile protest. The international wrestling fraternity, exemplified by the UWW, watches with scrutiny. Amidst these tumultuous waves, the wrestling arena yearns for an imperative overhaul. The din of internal discord and the stain of controversy must be cast aside, for the integrity of the sport, for the aspirations of countless young wrestlers, and for the honor of the Indian flag. As the countdown to the World Championships ticks away, the true champions remain the athletes, battling not just their opponents on the mat, but also the tempest within their own ranks. Wrestling’s grandeur can no longer be eclipsed by administrative turbulence; the time for a triumphant turnaround is now.


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