World No Tobacco Day observed in Govt College Utai

Utai, Jun 02:
“Intoxication starts with excitement and pleasure but later on converts into addiction. In the whole world, intoxicated drugs are smuggled and large amount is used in its business. Somewhere it has connection with terrorism too. Intoxicated drugs deviate youth from right path. Especially those who are lonely, disappointed and depressed are easily entangled in its clutches. Those who lack tolerance, culture and discipline, they have tendency of intoxication. Smoking and consumption of tobacco leads to very serious incurable diseases. This fills life with darkness and destruction. Culture, value based education and dedication to goal, spurs away from indulging in these habits. Strong will power, meditation and yoga also helps keep away.” These views are expressed by Dr Maheshchandra Sharma, Principal of Govt Danveer Tularam PG College Utai, and Dau Uttam Sao Govt College Machandur on the occasion of  ‘World No Tobacco Day’ organised in joint venture by these two colleges. Earlier, Principal had administered oath to all students, faculties, staff of the college present on the occasion. This day was observed as per Govt circular. On this occasion Dr P Vasanta Kala from English Department said, “Tendency of tobacco intake is rapidly increasing amongst ladies who also consider it as a symbol of modernity. It is more harmful when a lady consumes intoxicated tobacco, cigarette because it effects her new born baby who is totally ignorant. A student from MA Hindi Kamal Narayan said, it is most unfortunate that in rural area tobacco is consumed, in excess, amongst male and female too. It leads to many diseases like cancer, heart-attack and blood pressures. He recited two poems on the consequences of tobacco. Another student from MA Hindi Duleshwari reminded that intoxication brings untimely death. Some pleasurable moments with drugs leads to life-long punishment. Archarya Dr Maheshchandra Sharma was impressed by the views of the students and awarded them with cash prize. Dr Siyaram Sharma successfully conducted the program and also shared very valuable tips with students. Large number of students and staff members benefitted from the program.  

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