Women have the power of creation; existence of mankind is from them: Rajesh Srivastava

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Bhilai, Dec 08: Under the joint aegis of National Legal Services Authority (NALSA), New Delhi and National Commission for Women, a special legal awareness programme on women rights was organised here at Durg District Court under the guidance of Rajesh Srivastava, District and Sessions Judge / President, District Legal Services Authority Durg. DJ Rajesh Srivastava presided over the programme which was organised to create awareness for women rights.
In his address, DJ Rajesh Srivastava said that it was the second programme organised for bringing awareness among women. He further said that the Governor of the state is a woman and women are discharging their duties in many top administrative positions. There are 44 courts working in Durg District Court, in which more than 65 percent women judges are working.
Srivastava questioned why still there is a need for empowerment of women? Even an educated woman does not have the right to give opinion in the present circumstances. The constitution talks about gender equality, but in the social environment, despite having legal knowledge, women have to face the evils like child marriage, dowry system and foeticide. Women principals have been specially invited in the legal awareness programme.
The reason for including them is to make them aware of women rights so that they can share useful legal information with their teachers, boys and girls studying in schools. As far as possible, tell children about the law during school prayer assembly. If women are empowered, they will make the family, society, state and country stronger. Resource Person, Judicial Officer Apoorva Dangi said that women do not exercise their rights. Awareness is the milestone to change. There are laws for protection of women from mother’s womb till her death. Every woman has the right to get free legal aid.
Advocate M Kamakshma informed women about their rights and gave information about the procedure process of Sakhi One Stop Center. As a resource person, Pooja Mogri gave information about various types of laws regarding women and spoke about the property rights available to women. The purpose of this special awareness programme is to make even the last women of the society aware of the legal rights. Free legal remedies are available for whatever crimes happen to women.
Women present in the programme questioned about the problems faced by women. Rajesh Kumar Srivastava, District Judge/Chairman, District Legal Services Authority, Durg and Resource Persons answered to their queries. A total of 60 women participated in the legal awareness programme. The program was conducted by Rahul Sharma, Secretary, District Legal Services Authority, Durg. At the end, he proposed the vote of thanks.

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