Women Commission conducts hearing; appoints counsellors in two cases

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Bhilai, Dec 22: On Wednesday, Chhattisgarh State Commission for Women Chairman Kiranmayee Nayak conducted hearings on various cases received in Durg district. The hearing was held in the Durg District Panchayat premises. In a significant case, an elderly woman applicant shared her problem before the commission. She informed that after the death of her husband, she was dependent on the earnings made from interest received against the bank fixed deposits. Her husband had retired from services of BSP in the year 2010 and had received Rs 25 lakhs on retirement. Out of which an amount of Rs 9 lakhs was deposited in the post office and Rs 15 lakh was fixed in the State Bank i.e. a total fixed deposit of Rs 24 lakh was made. Both fixed deposits earned interest of Rs 16000 per month. Her son had been operating the bank accounts and used to give her Rs 10000 per month. Later he stopped providing the amount and is also not providing the documents related to the fixed deposits.
In his reply, the respondent son, who is also a public prosecutor, stated that he is aware of the deposits of Rs15 lakh and he was operating the same since 2015. Later, he withdrew the amount and deposited it in the Main Post Office in the name of the applicant as a senior citizen. The respondent further asserted that his mother has withdrawn Rs 15 lakh from Durg Post Office. The respondent stated that the said account is not a joint account but his name is mentioned as a nominee. On being asked by the Commission, the respondent provided the copy of the pass book to the commission, in which the details of the amount of 15 lakh which have been withdrawn were mentioned. Currently this account is non operational.
Considering the facts, Commission found that the applicant is less educated and the appellant is a public prosecutor. The Commission opined that the documents have been fabricated by the respondent so that he could avoid giving money for the living of his elderly mother. As the respondent had all the documents related to the bank, therefore it was supposed by the Commission that the respondent has misused the mother’s signature and withdrawn the amount of Rs 15 lakhs.
It was also noted that without the desired documents, the applicant could not get the account closed by withdrawing the amount from the post office. To confirm this fact, the Commission has also asked the post office to provide CCTV footage and other information.
In another case, husband and wife had reached before the Commission regarding family disputes. Commission instructed them to improve mutual relations. Three counsellors were also appointed by the Commission for them. Both the parties were suggested to take positive decisions after continuous counselling. The applicant had complained against the respondent regarding extra-marital affair and domestic violence.
In another case, the applicant informed the Commission that her husband has remarried without giving divorce to her. She also showed the photo from his mobile as a proof. The applicant has made the second wife as a party but she was absent in the hearing. The husband accepted and the respondent was ready to apologize for his mistake. On behalf of the commission, Ramkali Yadav, Pooja Mogri and Neelu Thakur have been given the responsibility of counselling this case. They will submit the full details of the dispute between the parties so that the matter can be kept for further hearing.
In the last hearing, Counsellors Ramkali Yadav, Ratna Narmdev, Rajeshwari Mishra and Nikita Milind, after counselling in a case, had sent a woman to her in-laws’ house through mutual agreement with her husband and family. This case was also kept under the supervision of the

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