Women can take up and lead any role in any function: Rahul

New Delhi, Mar 08: Vedanta is one of the world’s leading natural resources companies and its Aluminium and Power business is by far India’s largest producer of Aluminium and alsoone of the largest private power producers. Its value-added aluminium products are leaders the world-over catering to key industry sectors, from aerospace to electrification. The company’s markets, customers and businesses are diverse and complex and thus the business needs people having diverse points of view, experiences, skills, and education so that their business strategies are correspondingly well-rounded. The employees of Vedanta Limited’s Aluminium and Power business exemplify the fundamental pillars of diversity and inclusion of the business.
Traditionally, there are very few women in the manufacturing and heavy engineering segmentand even less in the metals and mining industries. Many skilled women at Vedanta’s Aluminium &Power business, are successfully handling myriadcore operations and technicalroles, ranging from metal production, logistics, civil work and railway infrastructure to finance, security, and commodities procurement. In fact, its plant in Odisha also has an all-women fire-fighting team.
So how has the business succeeded in a creating a healthy mix of highly trained women employees in a sector that is unconventional for women, and that too in some of the remotest parts of the country
Mr. Rahul Sharma, Dy. CEO – Aluminium Business, Vedanta Ltd. says, “At Vedanta, we look at every role, no matter how traditional, as absolutely gender-agnostic. This means women can and do take up and lead any role in any function, from operations & maintenance, security, R&D, marketing, finance and HR, public relations, right up to operating cranes and smelter pot tending machines. As India’s largest aluminium producer, we strive to foster a culture that nurtures merit, excellence, healthy competitionand above all, an innovative spirit.”

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