With Aug coming to end, 29 dams are half-filled

Raipur: Month of ‘Savan’ as per Hindi calendar is about to an end and which has been known for continuous rains had helped levelingup of water in the dams and rivers but the condition of dams is not so good. Owing to poor rainfall, 44% dams have got only 49% leveled-up, whereas in corresponding period last year dams were filled upto 62%.

Even in 2017, dams were filled up to 58 %. According to the officials it’s a matter of grave concern that owing to the scanty rainfall and insufficient rains, almost 50 % dams of the state are not fully re-charged. A sizeable population of the city dwellers are being provided with drinking water supplied through these dams. The dams through which drinking water is provided are –Ravishankar dam and Tandula and many more.

If in few days these dams are not re-charged with rainwater then they may pose problem. Need for drinking water may loom large in coming days ahead. Ravishankar dam has only 4% water less than the last year’s status in corresponding period, whereas compared to year 2017, 12% more water has been re-charged. Similarly Tandula is poorly recharged this year and 11% less filled up compared to last year.

15 dams are recharged more than 50% Dams which are filled up more than 50% are as follows – Minimata Bango- 54.30%, Sikaser – 63.51%, Sondhur – 53.72%,Maniyari – 84.20%,Kosarteda- 88.32%, Paralkot-600.19%, Shyam – 63.71 %, Chherpani- 52.76%, Sutiyapat- 86.50%, Mongara Barrage-64.18%, Maroda- 52.38 %, Saroda-57.57 %, Karranala- 98.57%, Bhaisajhar -67.90% and in Barana only 53% water has been re-charged. 29 dams are poorly recharged Dams in the state in which the water level is still less than that of last year are as follows- Balar, Khamarpakhut, Keshawa, Kunwarpur, Kumhari, Mayana and Dhara are included. Besides these more than 12 dams are there which are levelled up , up to 20 to 30%.

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