Why do veins pop out when exercising?

Do visible veins indicate a fit body?

Why do veins pop out in the first place? Generally, fat tends to layer the body thereby preventing the veins from protruding. In some cases, during extreme physical exertion, the veins are flattened and pushed to the surface of the body which makes them appear as though they are popping out.

S o, what makes the veins pop out during a workout? Veins generally tend to be more visible and prominent when one is working out because the blood supply to the muscles increases tremendously. This leads to the veins becoming dilated which cause more blood to flow through them. This is a not good or bad thing because it is a result of the normal physiological mechanisms that can result from the rise in arterial blood pressure during exertion. The leaner you are, resulting in that the fact when you have less subcutaneous fat covering your muscles, the more pronounced your veins will look. This happens because fat is not present in the body, which leads to the veins becoming more visible and prominent. If there was fat present on the body, then the veins would not be so prominent. The blood tends to rush into the veins, pulsating and pushing causing the veins to come to the surface of the flesh as a result of which they have a tendency to look as though they have popped out. Therefore, people who have low levels of body fat will often have more prominent veins as their veins will tend to push and since they don’t have enough subcutaneous fat this these veins will bulge out against the surface and be visible.
Finally, what are the real benchmarks of fitness levels?
The real benchmarks of fitness are:
1. Low heart rate: resting heart rate should be around 70.
2. A person should perform high demand activities with ease and not get tired easily.
3. A person should not have much subcutaneous fat.

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