Web series ‘Panchayat’ team witnesses working of Chhattisgarh’s Panchayats

Appreciates the plans of rural development

Bhilai, Sep 11: The team of web series ‘Panchayat’ was on a tour of Patan block on Sunday. They inquired about the schemes being run for rural development under the leadership of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. After witnessing the initiatives in the fields of education, health and rural development, the team Panchayat uttered “Chhattisgarhia Sable Badhiya”.

The artists of the Panchayat team stated that while working in the Panchayat, they came to know how complicated the life of rural people is. The condition of infrastructure in the field of health and education is not good in many villages. Innovations remain confined to the urban areas. There is no plan for development in rural areas. But after witnessing the innovative initiatives taken in Patan, they felt that with determination, good work can be done in the villages also.

The team reached the Community Health Center in Patan where they oversaw the Hamar Lab and praised the arrangements. The members said that even at the block level, the facility of pathological tests like thyroid is free of cost and its quality is also excellent. Obviously, this can be used to assess the level of health facilities in the entire area.

The team also visited Swami Atmanand School where they interacted with the children. The team said that in Chhattisgarh it is difficult to differentiate between a government school and a private school. The government school children are full of confidence. For improving the quality education in Chhattisgarh, great work is being done even at the village level.

Panchayat team also visited the Gauthan at village Kesara. The team members said that till now they had seen the use of cow dung for production of Gobar Gas but through Gauthan, various innovations are being done for rural development. The Panchayat team was also very happy with the warm welcome accorded by the people of Patan. The team members stated that before coming to Chhattisgarh, they had heard about the warmth and kindness of the people. They loved the soulful greeting “Jai Johar”. The people present here in Gauthan explained to them about the bari. The women of the self help group informed that they produce organic vegetables which have a good market demand.

Gauthan has given great power to women. District Panchayat CEO Ashwani Devangan was also present. He gave detailed information about Chhattisgarh government’s flagship scheme Narwa, Garwa Ghurwa and Bari.

Faisal Malik, Pooja Singh, Sunita Rajwar, Durgesh Kumar, Ashok Pathak, Satish Rai, Deepak Mishra, Vijay Koshi, Yogesh Saini and Jitendra Kumar of the team Panchayat were present.

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