Water level falls down, villagers facing water crisis

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Rajim, May 17:
It is due to intense heat, the drinking water system in rural area has worsened and people have to wander long distance in search of water. In such conditions, PHE Rajim sub-division is not doing any concrete work, except for remaining silent spectators.
It is notable that there are 3584 handpumps installed in sub-division Rajim. There are 1697 in Fingeshwar block and 1841 in Churra block. The water level in these blocks has reduced to 120 feet below and in both these blocks, total 226 handpumps are lying closed.
Last month in the month of April the water level has fallen 90 to 100 feet below and at that time 200 handpumps were closed down. If the intensity of heat continues in the same manner, then this figure may also cross and water level will fall down further.
As per information in this regard, pipeline has been extended in 40 handpumps. In Kundel, out of total 25 handpumps, 4 are lying closed; 7 are lying closed out of 20 in Charouda; 6 out of 16 in Chaitra; 6 out of 8 in Devgaon; 5 out of 12 in Charbhatti; 9 out of 19 in Ghursa; 11 out of 20 in Jamgaon; 8 out of 18 in Bhendari; 6 out of 12 in Targunja; 10 out of 23 in Parsadakala; 14 out of 19 in Ganiyari; 6 out of 10 in Patori; 19 out of 28 in Belar. In the same way 35 handpumps are lying closed out of total 191 in Figeshwar block.
The formation of mobile team is done before arrival of summer season, but the PHE department has so far not formed any team. This mobile team moves around in rural areas and wherever they get complaint about handpumps facing faults, it is repaired on the spot.
In Gram Chaitra, 2 handpumps are out of order for last 15 days and it has not been repaired even after complaint. Jageshwar Sahu of Gram Chaitra informed that SDO PHE department AL Shekh resides in Raipur and he does not sits in the office.
As & when they go out for complaint, he is not present. No mobile team has been formed and therefore the handpumps out of order have not been repaired and till date no attention has been paid.
SDO PHE department Rajim AL Shekh said that due to intense heat this summer, the water level has gone down and which will again recoup after the rains. This year no mobile team has been formed and as such mechanics are on duty in the villages.

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