Ward residents demand cleaning, submit memo

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Lawan, Jun 01:
With demand for cleaning of city’s historic ‘Pachari Talab’ and Budhatalab, the residents of ward No. 07, 08, 09, 10, 11 and 12 under leadership of ward corporator from ward No. 09 Ayodhya Jaiswal and corporator ward No. 08 Omprakash Sahu submitted memorandum to Chief Municipal Officer (CMO) Nagar Panchayat Lawan and demanded action to be taken within 24 and issued ultimatum with a warning that if their demand is not fulfilled then they will be forced to launch movement and stage lockout of Nagar Panchayat office Lawan.
Ward residents from above wards in the memorandum submitted informed that due to lack of cleaning, the city’s historic ‘Budhatalab’ and ‘Pachari Talab’ has become heavily polluted and it is already flooded with water hyacinth. Due to which no people are using it for day-to-day purpose and those who wrongly utilises either fall victim of skin diseases and irritation on their skin, set aside harmful bacteria also enters their body and stomach, causing other water borne diseases. The ward residents informed that they have submitted memorandum to Nagar Panchayat administration many a times, but so far no action has been taken and still there is no seriousness on part of Nagar Panchayat administration
Women from these wards said that due to lack of cleaning, now there are large number of bacteria and one can even see all sorts of insects inside these two ponds and it is now started looking like drain-water. Using a single drop of water from this pond could prove fatal to health of the residents and as such there are already lot of complaints about skin infection and diseases to those who have mistakenly used it for some purpose. The women informed that in ancient time, Budhatalab and Pachari Talab was the only source of water body during summer time and with no cleaning for last many years it has turned into pond full of bacteria and hyacinth and despite complaint to Nagar Panchayat administration, no action has been taken till date.

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