Vote bank politics

Recently Indira Gandhi was compared with Hitler on imposing Emergency turning democracy into dictatorship, and Black Day was observed. Emergency by Indira Gandhi can never be justified but comparing her with Hitler is entirely wrong. (I am not a politician, nor I support Congress or BJP or any other political party). Emergency was a bad phase -best to forget it but learn a lesson from it -not to do such a big mistake in a politics-just to retain the chair. One cannot forget her achievements during her tenure as Prime Minister of India she was bold enough to take bolder decisions like army’s role in independence of Bangladesh is one example. Also, rightly she nationalised banks in public interest. Even Sanjay Gandhi’s policies were good, but he failed because of the compulsory sterilisation programme. Whatever he did in the field of politics will always be remembered. Yes, if India must come up economically and see development in the real sense, it will need leaders who can take bold decisions. Leaders must rise above vote-bank politics politicians pursue. BJP is no exception in acting as a purely political-vote bank politics only.
-Mahesh Kumar, New Delhi

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