Villagers annoyed over site of drain construction

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Magarlod, May 09:
There is great deal of resentment among the villagers for construction of a drain without any proper usage of it. The villagers have strongly objected to construction of drain at some other place and since it has not been constructed with proper standard they have taken a decision to lodge complaint in this regard with Panchayat and Rural Development Minister, Commissioner Raipur.
The Rural Engineering Services sub-division is constructing RCC drain in village Madeli at the cost of Rs 27.10 lakh, about 5 kms from Magarlod block headquarters. The villagers are not liking the construction site of this drainage, as it is being constructed at some other place from where the water is already flowing into the pond.
The villagers said that the place where the drain is being constructed, there the water automatically flows from the small hill and bushy area.
This work of RCC drainage is being carried out between road and bushy area and the villagers by holding a meeting are of the opinion that since it is stone area, there is problem in getting water and therefore if the same drainage is constructed somewhere else, then the farmers will get its benefit for irrigation for crop.
The villagers from Gram Bakori and Madeli viz. Mohan Yadav, Preetam Dhruv, Shravan, Jeewan Yadav, Sunit Dujram, Dashrath, Roshan Lal, Heera Bai, Rajvanti, Rohani informed that the RCC drain is being constructed at the wrong place.
Not only this, the height of this drain is also higher and it is being constructed with below standard base concreting. The standard of iron rods and cement is very low and it is not been constructed with proper ratio of sand, cement and iron rods.
The villagers informed that though a drain has been constructed, but the pebbles / stone clips used in it have already started peeling off and this clearly indicates that the contractor is not using quality material in it.
At the same time no officers from RES is present to check about the quality of drain construction work and therefore poor quality and sub-standard material is being used in this drain work. The villagers said that seeing the wire-mesh inside the drain it clearly indicates that quality of cement, sand and iron rods is very poor.
But what is surprising here is that despite protest from the villagers, the public representatives and officers are not paying any attention towards it. So the villagers have demanded to stop this construction work of drain and construct is somewhere else.
From the inspection it has been learnt that the drain being constructed is below standard and the contractor has been asked to ensure quality in it. BR Pal- SDO-RES- Magarlod.

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