Vehicle stolen and found with both tyres missing

Central Chronicle News
Sipat, May 05:
Motorcycle of Firoz Khan S/o Rasid Khan, R/o Gram Nipania has been stolen twice or thrice. It was last on April 30, his newly bought Gold Shine vehicle was also stolen from the house. A report in this regard was lodged with Sipat Thana. It was on May 01, it was learnt that his vehicle was found lying in a nullah near Navagaon.
Information in this regard was given by the people present there and both its tyres were missing. Rasid Khan of Gram Nipania informed that his vehicle has been stolen two-three times and then it is located again and he is surprised over this particular action with him only. A complaint has been lodged by him in Sipat thana of damage to his vehicle by some unknown person.

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