Use of aerobic bacteria to get crystal clear water in pond

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Bhilai, May 24:
On Friday a review meeting of the Water Works Department was conducted in the Bhilai Municipal Corporation office. During the meeting the Commissioner Sundarani had a detailed assessment with the concerned officials regarding the attempt in providing tap water connection, make city tanker free, cleaning of pond water etc.
He asked the officers to take the matter as a mission and get it completed. He gave necessary instructions to Sanjay Bagde the Zone Commissioner of Zone 04 regarding 24 hour water supply on taps.
For making the pond water at Ramnagar Muktidham clean a team from an agency led by Sourabh Agrawal gave detailed information on the use of aerobic bacteria to clean water.
The agency representative informed that adding 01 ml of aerobic bacteria in 2 litres of dirty water makes the water crystal clear. The specialty of these bacteria is that it destroys the harmful substances in the dirty water and makes the water pure and clean. The company delegate also informed that the use of this process also removes odour in dirty water and the best thing is that it does not harm the environment. To show the proof two jars filled with dirty water were brought in and the bacteria in required quantity were added. With a couple of hours (10-12 hours) the water became clean. In a pond it would take about 40 to 60 days to give the result. The meeting decided to experiment the same in the pond located at Ramnagar Mukidadham.
Here it needs a mention that the commissioner had recently visited the pond and given instruction to clean the pond. Once this process is successful, the other ponds could also be cleaned without having any polluting effect on the surroundings.

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