‘Urban PHC in Domanhill acting as life saviour’ for corona patients

Chirmiri (Korea), May 20:
The Urban Primary Health Centres (PHCs) under National Urban Health Mission (NUHM) are proving to be a boon for general citizens. At one place where Covid-19 is at its peak and people are bothered about their life, on the other hand, Medical Officer of Urban PHC Dr Ayushri Roi and her team without bothering about the consequences is rendering treatment and medical services to all types of patients, putting their lives at risk.
In such condition, sidelining urban PHC in Domanhill will be an exception in itself as at one place where Dr Ayushri Roi who assumed office on resignation by Urban PHC in-Charge Dr PK Dutta and is rendering selfless service without bothering about her health and working round the clock.
In the Urban PHC so far 7 medical staff has got infected from Corona virus and the first patient was Staff Nurse Anjali Prasad; Lab Technician Nisha Kashyap; Aarti Devi Patel; Pharmacist GD Hussain; Poornima Tiwari; Maya Bharti; Jitendra Kumar and ward ‘aya’ Sunita Devi.
But it is their morale and courage that needs to be appreciated here as they returned on duty after 14 days of complete treatment and defeating this virus and resumed services with complete dedication and vigour and energy. There is need to increase morale of such medical and health workers are working at ground-level and still dedicated to their cause and well-being of others.

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