Unemployment not a political issue

U nemployment, both for the rate it is reportedly on the increase and for the manner in which government is being held responsible for political purpose, is more or less an issue more to do with the attitude towards the condition called ‘joblessness’ than to anything else viz policies or system. When such issues crop up during elections, parties buy them to censure the incumbent while the fact is that ‘the hand which is willing to work is never jobless. Sorry to say, the communistic idea of right to employment attempts to make it compulsory for the government to secure employment for every person who secures a trade skill or receives an academic degree from a university. Now, since government is easily made responsible for soaring number of qualified unemployed youths due to a remarkable drop in the number of job opportunities, little does it occur to them that employment avenues are open to the efficient as a matter of opportunities and not a matter of right. Moreover, for efficiency or aptitude or whatever else desirable in the market of employment, is not something to be expected of an academically rich or a certified pass-out of a trade school, as they are no finished products for the purpose of getting employment. There e is a parallel system of teaching and testing managed and operated by recruitment boards, selection committees, placement agencies, etc. which are not satisfied with the entire lot the schools and colleges are sending out with degrees in grades and marks in divisions. Under such circumstances, the unemployment problem is serious more due to the people not reaching up to mark so as to secure a job. Regrettably, youth today has decided about the worth of the job which should match degree or expertise they have. The scope of the employment search thus shrunk and the situation lying vacant for want of skilful and expertise makes the unemployment problem bigger than it is generally. Politics is such as it diverts the issue towards holding government responsible for unemployment. A list of the names of job providing activities does not exclude even the smallest enterprise such as tea vending or pakoda browning, but to call these activities as employment is taboo. The practice of linking employment/unemployment with government’s performance will lead to nowhere but from confusion to another. efficiency and wish to work make passport into employment which can be as good as one is skillful. hence, such data issued by labour department or any other agency does not include those whose unemployment problem is due to not getting a suitable job and nor due to dearth of employment opportunity particularly when the government is open for all those who want to learn skills and set up business of their own.

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