Two caves found near Kawardha

Kawardha, Jun 12:
Kabirdhaam district is centre of discoveries when it comes to explore bio-diversity, natural beauty and research oriented places. The nature has blessed this place with abundance of resources. I am working for last many years on natural caves and this time in Raipur along with Jayant Biswas, Jitendra cave researchers, Dr Ranjana researcher in insects coackroaches from Pujnjab University, Rajesh Shrivastava of Pandaria, Yashwant Soni of Mungeli, Avadh Tekam Buchipara, two students of the school who showed us the way to the cave, which is located on hilly terrain of Maickal hill, about 8 kms from Pandaria.
There are two caves at about 350 feet and we started climbing at around 2:00 pm and at that time the temperature was 44 Deg. Celsius. Seeing both these caves we were thrilled. One of the caves was scaling down by 30 feet deep and then it was 150 feet in length was beautiful example of ‘Stalectite’ developed from Dolomite stones.
The other cave was even beautiful than the first one and this was 200 feet long and at many a places we have to crawl on the hands and toes. Both these caves are very ancient caves and they are known as ‘Bhamarato caves’. The temperature inside the caves was 27 Deg. Celsius and light cold wind was blowing inside and it appeared as it just like AC.

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