Two absconding criminals arrested with pistol

Raipur: Gudhiyari police in association of Cyber Cell on Wednesday arrested two notorious criminals who have been on a run since June 28 last after making a murderous attempt on a youth in Gudhiyari’s Ashok Nagar area. While police had succeeded in nabbing the other assailants of that crime, these two being listed criminals were constantly changing their hideouts to evade arresting.

Both of them are accused of heinous crimes like murder, attempt to murder and armed robberies and were on bail when they committed this new crime. According to police, attempt was made on complainant Vikas Sahu on June 28 with regards to assisting his cousin Vijay Sahu in a dispute with two local youths named Durgesh Sahu and Manish Mota a few days before the incident.

With Durgesh and Manish being associates of listed criminals Sanjay Raksel and Mukesh Gupta, they decided to teach a lesson to Vikas and his cousin for daring to fight with them. Accordingly, they succeeded in cornering Vikas on June 28 near Shankaracharya School in Ashok Nagar area while he was going somewhere alone. Dragging him behind the school building, Mukesh Gupta and Sanjay Raksel stabbed him couple of times including a near-fatal attack behind his head.

Following the incident, Gudhiyari police had registered an offence under Section 307, 34 IPC against Mukesh Gupta, Sanjay Raksel, Abhishek Sona and Amit Sahu. While Abhishek and Amit were arrested within a couple of days of the attack, Mukesh and Sanjay had been evading arrest so far by constantly changing their hideouts.

On Wednesday, with police nearing their latest hideout, both of them tried to flee from there but police had anticipated such an attempt and for that reason had got surrounded the entire location which resulted in both of them being nabbed. Police also recovered from them a knife apiece and a country-made pistol. Both of them were immediately brought to police station and are now

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