Tripura Sadbhavana Yatra welcomed at MATS University

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Raipur, Jan 29: Tripura, which is going to complete 50 years of its establishment in the year 2022, has started Sadbhavana Yatra-2021 on the occasion of Golden Jubilee, which is promoting national unity in various states of the country. Sadbhavana Yatra reached Raipur on Thursday, whose members were welcomed by the Chancellor, Mr. Gajraj Pagaria here at Raipur Campus, Mats University. Members of the Tripura Sadbhavana Yatra-2121 team, in coordination with Social Worker Lokesh Kavadia, reached the campus of Mats University on Thursday. Team members said that Tripura is going to complete 50 years of its State Foundation Day on January 21, 2022. To commemorate the golden jubilee of the state establishment, the Youth Development Center has constituted the Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee comprising various social and cultural organizations, journalists, intellectuals, doctors, engineers and eminent persons from Tripura. Under the patronage of the said committee, Sadbhavana Yatra is being done in various states of the country. Through this journey, the message of peace, harmony and brotherhood of Mahatma Gandhi is being conveyed to the people.
The main objective of this visit is to further strengthen national unity and unify the diversity of the country. Special drive is also being run to promote tourism during the journey. The Yatra Dal is also conducting awareness campaigns in every state with voluntary blood and plasma donations, plantation with sacred soil and water of each state, workshop-discussion with youths regarding national unity. Chancellor Gajraj Pagaria apprised the traveling team about the cultural splendor of Chhattisgarh, the state’s tourist destinations, educational achievements, employment prospects in Chhattisgarh state and skill development of the youth. He informed that MATS University is providing free education to the poor students of the state. Through the team of Sadbhavana Yatra-2121, he also invited talented poor youth of Tripura for free education in MATS University.
Mr. Pagaria gifted the team of Tripura a calendar, kit of the Mats University, which showcases various cultural features of the country including the state of Chhattisgarh. The team of Tripura Sadbhavana Yatra, overwhelmed by the reception of MATS University, expressed their gratitude for the honour.

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