Tribals suffer naxal menace coupled with administrative negligence

Kamleshwar Singh Painkra
Bijapur, Nov 21: Diwali happiness eluded exiled families of Polampalli who in order to save lives of their families left the natural right over land and forest are forced to take shelter as refugees in Bijapur. These families residing in naxal infested Polampalli village of Bijapur district received orders from naxals to leave the village being police informers and in search of shelter they reached Bijapur.

Left village, saved life but soul still in village
WasamPojja (80) came to Bijapur with his family of eight members. With a heavy heart he said, he needs to spend his last days in his village. Wasam added, he requested naxal commander Gangadhar to spare him as his quite old but later did not honour the request. It was threatened that if they do not leave the village will face dire consequences. Wasam and other families left Polampalli on July 6 with few clothes. The refugees pleaded to higher officials and even MLA Vikram Mandavi to get them some of their belongings from their village, but their requested was not honoured. Two days later their house was looted by naxals.
WasamLachha(70) said, he along with his elder brother was issued order by Maoists to leave the village. They left the village along with 15 members of the family. Wasam added, they have 20 acres of agriculture land on patta in the village and paddy is sown on this land, they do not know what will be their future.

Police informer tag snatched happiness
Ramesh (21) and his wife Lakshmi (18) along with sister, father and mother came to Bijapur. Ramesh was sentenced to death at a jan Adalat conducted by naxal leader Bheema and following which left the village in the night and came to Bijapur. Ramesh and his father Karam Bheema said, Maoists and their associates cannot see financial prosperity of tribals. They have 20 acres of fertile land and crops are grown on it. Karam Bheema said, December 25, 2015 was a black night for them as on this winter night he was abducted by the Maoists and at that time Ramesh was 15-years-old and studying in Class X. Maoists abducted Bheema on charges of being a police informer.

Bheema remained blind-folded till January 15, 2016
After abduction Bheema was blind folded and he was taken to different locations by Maoists and on January 15, 2016 at a janadalat of senior Maoist leader Kesa he was released with pre-conditions. It was decided that Bheema and their family will not leave the village for next 10 years (till 2026) and that people of the village need to take its guarantee, further Ramesh was ordered to leave his studies. Ramesh came back after leaving his studies and started practicing farming in their 20 acre land. They have good produce and even after selling at throw-way price to the middlemen, family made good income from agriculture. This financial prosperity of Bheema’s family and at a meeting on June 30, 2020 it was ordered that since Ramesh is a police informer will not move out of the village for next one year. Later it was decided to kill all those who are police informers. Coming to know about death sentence Ramesh and his family left the village and came to Bijapur.

Tough task to implement govt schemes
Village panchayat Polampalli has a population of 673. Panchayat secretary K G Rajkumar said, it is difficult to implement government welfare schemes as Maoists create pressure on working in their local committees and on refusal termed as police informer.

Force to live in Basaguda relief camp
Polampalli Sarpanch SushilaKarti said, seven families of Basaguda relief camp ( about 45 people of which 9 are children below 9 years) are residing with their relatives. Initially relatives offered assistance but now they too have expressed their inability. Now these families neither have work nor anything to eat.

Hope for government assistance
These affected families are now pinning hopes on assistance from government which include safe return to village or work and roof to hide themselves.

Compensation process underway: SP and Collector
SP Kamlochan Kashyap said, 13 families did not come together and all their cases are registered. The villagers taking police security have brought their belongings. The case of Maoist looting villagers’ property has been prepared and sent for compensation. Collector Ritesh Agrawal said, loss assessment of villagers is underway and as per government policy victims will receive compensation.

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