Transport Minister holds meeting on issue of transport strike

Central Chronicle News
Raipur, Mar 20: Transport Minister Mohammad Akbar held a meeting with representatives of Transport Association and Cement Companies at his residence office at Shankar Nagar in the capital. In the meeting, he held discussions with the representatives of both the union on the issue of cement transport and on the issue of transport strike. During the discussion, the Transport Association, in view of the increase in the price of diesel, finally demanded a 12 percent increase in the transportation fare. Association officials said that in view of the government’s arbitration, if the cement companies accept the 12 percent increase in the transportation fare, then the work of transport will be started. Minister Mr. Mohammad Akbar said that the intention of the government is that the transport of cement should be done without any disturbance so that the common people do not face any kind of trouble. Keeping this in mind, this joint meeting of officials of transporters and cement companies has been called.

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