Training session held for dairy farmers

Bhilai, Mar 04:
Under the National Agricultural Development Scheme, a training session was organised at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Pahanda (A) for progressive dairy farmers. They were explained about the procedure of silage production and it benefits. 25 dairy farmers attended the programme. In the training session, Dr Vijay Jain (Institution Head, Krishi Vigyan Kendra) sought detailed information from all cattle rearers about their area of work and discussed in detail how to ensure availability of green fodder throughout the year. He also spoke about the way to increase milk production by providing nutritious fodder to animals. He explained the method of silage production and selling. He stated that silage production is a good business opportunity for the young farmers from which they can earn a good income. Animal Production and Management Scientist Dr Prafulchand B Rahangdale explained the method of silage production, its utility and ways to preserve silage for long time.
He stated that the silage can fulfil the shortage of green fodder and ensure nutritious feed. Crop Scientist Neetu Swarnakar explained about timely harvesting of crops for silage production. Later, the trainees were taken for a round in the campus.

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