Tirath Ramani sent to jail

Proprietor of Satyam Sales Vijay Anand Sharma submitted a written complaint against his ex-employee Tirath Ramani alias Bunty that after his accident on 24th June 2016 he was in ICU for continuous two months and during that period Tirath Ramani did forgery of more than Rs13 lakhs.

After a long investigation and strict instruction by present DIG/SSP Arif Sheikh , team consisting of Additional SP Praphull Thakur, CSP Kotwali Devsharan Patel, TI Rahul Tiwari and investigating officer H.L.Banjare investigated the prolonged matter and called Tirath Ramani for his witness. Accused came one or two times but after notice and telephone call by the investigation officer he started making excuses.

When lastly accused Tirath Ramani didn’t appear, police arrested him on 23rd July and under IPC section 406 and 408 sent him to jail. On 24th police will make him appear before CJM and thereafter proceedings will continue. It is to be noted that the accused was working with Satyam Sales for more than 15 years and Vijay Anand Sharma had full faith on him which the accused took advantage and did defalcation.

During the period April 2016 to August 2018 there was a huge transaction of more than 41 lakhs as per the documents obtained by police department from State Bank of India, New Shanti Nagar Branch, Raipur.

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