Timely rejuvenation of rivulets proves Sanjeevani for farming

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Durg, Aug 13: In view of the weak monsoon condition till August this year, Collector Dr Sarveshwar Narendra Bhure had instructed to get the work of rejuvenation of nullahs, and small rivulets in the rural areas of the district. Small check dams, retaining walls, boulder dams and other small structures were constructed on the rivulets within the stipulated time frame. The initiatives turned to be a great success in various rural areas when the entire first fortnight of September received good rains. Due to the timely completion of the works on nullahs, it was possible to stop and collect the rain water which proved to be life-saving for the crops.
Farmers of village Achoti of Dhamdha block said that the work of ‘Nullahs Bandhan’ has proved to be lifesaving for the nearby farms. Adequate amount of water reached the fields. This water was necessary for the Kharif crop, along with the rain water, the water collected in the nullahs recharged the sub-soil water and it reached the fields. Residents of village Otebandh informed that the work of nullahs has been done in their village. Technical Assistant (Dhamdha) Karunakar Singh informed that the work of nullahs has been done on a large scale in rural areas. Good results have come out of this work and the farmers owning fields near the nullahs are very happy. These works turned successful due to good rains in the first fortnight of September. Villagers of Dumar informed that a sufficient amount of water has been stored due to the work of Nala Bandhan. Small check dams and boulder dams not only provide water to the surrounding fields but also increase the level of underground water. Thus the increased water level is very useful for Rabi crops.
District Panchayat CEO Sachchidanand Alok informed that in view of the weak rain situation in August this year, a review meeting was chaired by the District Collector. It was discussed in detail about what steps can be taken for protecting the crops. It was decided in the meeting to expedite the works of Nullah Bandhan, after which this work was completed swiftly in rural areas.

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