Three murder accused arrested, one at large

Raipur, Mar 13:
Siddharth Golcha was murdered by his friend over settlement of accounts and his body was located based upon location of his mobile phone inside the room of Medical Shop of Rishabh Malhotra on Tuesday during early morning hours. When location of Rishabh was checked, he was found absconding, but one of his wife’s relative Aakash Goldar after interrogation disclosed that due to recovery of some outstanding amount both Rishabh and Siddharth Golcha entered into some controversy and so he was hammered to death by Rishabh in his medical store last night. All three accused in this case has been arrested by the police and the fourth main accused Rishabh is still absconding and police is in search of him.
The police informed that Rishabh called Siddharth Golcha in his medical shop at RDA Complex at around 7:00 pm on March 12 asking him to take back his cash and Siddharth reached there in his Scooty vehicle. Here both Rishabh Malhotra and Aakash Goldar hit Siddharth with a nail-hammer on his head and murdered him. To hide his body, duo called their friend Himanshu Yadav and all three together tried to stuff the body it inside a gunny bag and were having plans to hide the evidence and take it in a Nano car to some remote location, but they could not succeed in their efforts.
Finally they locked the body inside the medical store and Akash tried to hide the Scooty at Marine Drive area and took it there. In-between Rishabh informed one of his friend’s Mohnis Jagat about the inicident and said that Aakash has taken to drop Sidddharth’s Scooty and the later asked him to bring it back. When Mohnis came to him, Rishabh narrated the entire incident and left Aakash at Rishabh’s house. Both Rishabh and Aakash changed their blood-stained clothes and threw the stained clothes in the drain in front of their house and this has been seized by the police. After this both Rishabh and Aakash left from this place.
The police has filed a case under section 302, 120 (B) and 34 of IPC and arrested all the three accused involved in this murder. This include Aakash S/o Vinay Goldar (17) R/o Mana Camp; Himanshu Yadav S/o Radheshyam Yadav (19) R/o Shyam Nagar and Mohnis S/o Nilmani Jagat (19) R/o Sahu Plaza Katoratalab Raipur. Another accused Rishabh Malhotra is absconding and police has launched search for him.

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