‘Those returning from Vistara’s UK-797 aircraft to stay in Quarantine’

Health Department makes an appeal to the passengers

Corona virus infection found in a person travelling on board
All passengers were asked to call helpline number 104 and register their information

Raipur, Jun 24:
The Health Department has requested the passengers of Vistara’s aircraft number UK-797 (UK-797) from Delhi to Raipur on June 4 to stay in Quarantine. A passenger travelling in this plane has been found to be infected from Covid-19. The department has asked all passengers who have come from Delhi to Raipur by this flight to call helpline number 104 and register their information. Passengers arriving in Chhattisgarh by train, bus or other means after landing at an airport other than Raipur have also been appealed to stay in Quarantine.
The department has also appealed to passengers arriving at Chhattisgarh by train, bus or other means by landing at another airport other than Raipur, to stay in Quarantine.
The Health Department has asked passengers to stay in Quarantine for 14 days, strictly following the guidelines of paid quarantine for the safety of themselves and public health. Also, for the sake of personal safety, stay in home-quarantine for 14 days after paid-quarantine. During home-quarantine, such a person should be confined to only one room in his house. The person living in Quarantine should be provided essential items by taking full care by one member of the house by putting on the mask.
The health department has asked a person living in Quarantine to avoid contact with other people. If symptoms like fever, cough or difficulty in breathing are seen during the quarantine, then as a precaution, contact your nearest government hospital and get your initial checkup done and give complete information about yourself. For any type of problem and doubt, can contact the Chief Medical and Health Officer or toll-free number 104 and inform.

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