There must be a check on blind faith on tantra-mantra

It refers to shocking news of murder or suicide eleven members of a single joint family in Burari (Delhi) on (Sunday). Suicide or murder, it seems to be result of blind faith because of hand-written notes found at the accident-site. This unique case should have attracted attention of Prime Minister, with instant order of a CBI-enquiry.

It has become a usual trend in day-to-day lives of common citizens that they are usually trapped in blind faith of certain persons who claim themselves to achieve every desire through tantra-mantra and even to extent of achieving the goal through control of dead souls. It has become a business now. They hold Darbars to exhibit their power. It is shocking that such persons are even allowed to air costly advertisement-films on TV channels. All such tactics unnecessarily disturb peace of mind of those targeted through such unholy things.

Otherwise also, it is sin to play with dead souls, if such aspects are true. Central and Delhi governments may be through police-authorities should stringent measures to curb all such nuisance by making it compulsory for every one involved in such profession of tantra-mantra registered with police-authorities with compulsion to have record of those coming to them with offerings made by them. Heavy monetary fine and arrest may be there for unregistered tantriks. It is not difficult because targeted persons usually are aware of such tasks done on behest of their enemies. Subhash Chandra Agrawal,Delhi

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