The last River

The Rivers, which used to be our pride, what have we done to them? They no more want humans around them we have destroyed them to that level. And here, the last river writes a letter to humanity.


Planet Earth
3, from the sun,
Solar system.

Subject: Merger Denied

We received your letter about the merger offer and we know your lives are at stake.
Here are some reasons that proves
Why you don’t deserve this merger.
For years,
My company has collaborated with yours.
I remember,
How we both promised to always help each other
And save our team members and associates from both the sides.
In the start,
It was all going with the flow.
Both of us,
Working really hard on our projects,
Even the Ministry of nature was glad to have us.
But after some years,
Your company started acting selfish.
We both always knew that
This was a two way contract,
What you give is what you’ll get.
But, as our boss was very generous
He taught us to work selflessly.
He was wrong.
He was so wrong that he is not even alive to see what you did to his company.
My company’s associates died,
One after another,
River after river,
No one was spared.
But, you and your company has no idea,
How brutally they died.
Some died because your associates
Wasted our resources.
Some died due to the grief
Of not being able to meet their lovers,
Due to this ‘Dam’ thingy your company makes.
And rest of them dried to their death
Because you didn’t knew how to maintain
Relations with Rain-clouds and the company.
I don’t have my family now,
I don’t have any of my friends now,
All the workers from my office have died.
There is no one below me,
There is no one above me.
I have nothing to lose,
Where you have everything!
After many years of your company
Taking my company for granted,
I have reached to this decision.
So, hereby I resign from our contract
And I will dry to death but,
I won’t let you use a single drop
From my body.

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