The Delirium: Heralding New Chapter in Indian Horror

Mumbai, Aug 13: Horror tests our tolerance in a roller-coaster ride of suspense and danger. In a strange fashion, horror feels euphoric.
“We are thrilled to publish the spookfest nightmare for horror fans. ‘The Delirium’ is fresh, daring, and entertaining, and we are confident that our audience will delight in jump scares.” Says Hemant Thakkar, Publisher of ‘The Delirium’
‘The Delirium’ is about a family that inherits the ancestral home in a small village and decides to spend a short vacation. Imagine inheriting a beautiful house that has a mind of its own. What would happen if your desire to lead a peaceful life is crushed by waves of panic resulting in unbridled fright? In addition to that, the village turns out to be as strange as the house.
The well-documented haunting sequence makes ‘The Delirium’ stand out from others. For instance, the little girl sees shadowy figures in the dead of the night or feels someone touching her in her dreams. Then there is a doctor who tries to find a rational explanation for everything. The couple begins to drift apart as the horrors of the house become more intimidating. This is a reminiscent story of a collision between science and faith. The elaborated sequence adds power and a spark to the reader’s imagination making ‘The Delirium’ an interesting read.

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