Technical team inspects Bhoramdev temple

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Kawardha, Sep 18: On the basis of the report of Kabirdham district administration, work will be started soon for conservation and promotion of the historic Bhoramdev temple of Chhattisgarh by the team of Culture and Archeology Department of the state government. Its preliminary preparations have started.
To find out the real reasons for the leakage of rain water in the premises of Bhoramdev temple and the sanctum sanctorum and the erosion of the exterior of the temple, built in the Phaniagvanshi period, 11th century, the center of historical, archaeological, tourism and religious public faith in Chhattisgarh. On the report of the administration, the team of Chhattisgarh Culture and Archeology Department visited the temple premises on Thursday.
In the observation team of Amrit Lal Paikra, Deputy Director, Department of Culture and Archeology, four different technical experts inspected it closely. The inspection team included Assistant Engineer, Archaeological Department Subhash Jain, Deputy Engineer Dilip Sahu, Chemist Virendra Dhivar, Cartographer Chetan Manhare and Kawardha SDM Vinay Soni on behalf of District Administration, Deputy Collector Rashmi Verma, Bodla Tehsildar Aman Chaturvedi were present. The joint team of the Department of Archeology closely inspected the Bhomdev temple complex and surrounding areas. After the observation, the team told the collector Ramesh Kumar Sharma the real reasons for the leakage of water in the sanctum sanctorum of the Bhoramdev temple complex and the protection of the outer part. The team of experts of the Department of Archeology told that the condition of Bhomardev temple is very good in comparison to other temples built in the 11th century in Chhattisgarh and its contemporaries. Water is leaking due to some reason, its report will be given to the department.
The team of experts has prepared a report for the special cleaning of the upper part of the temple, re-filling the joints of stones and special coding in the direction of conservation and promotion of Bhoramdev temple.
The team has given a report to the district administration about pruning the trees around the temple. The team said that during the autumn season, the leaves of the surrounding trees have frozen in the upper part of the temple, due to which the drainage of water is not being done properly. A team of experts from the Department of Archeology has conducted a survey in all four directions of the temple for fresh filling from the ground floor.
The team of technical experts has said to restrict the use of rice and chemical-rich gulal, sandalwood and vandan in the outer part of the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. SDM Vinay Soni said that in the sanctum sanctorum inside the temple, the restriction will be there on putting rice and chemical-laden gulal on Bhormedav statue.
Priest Ashish Shastri said that on the instructions of the district administration, the entry of rice and other chemical-containing materials in the sanctum has been banned. A notice board has also been put up by the Management Committee to inform the general public.

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