Teachers conduct classes under trees

In rural areas

Bhond, Jul 12: Under Padhai Tuar Duar scheme and virtual classes, under the guidance of collector of Rajat Bansal in different blocks like Bastar and Bastarnar education department has given instructions that through WhatsApp group of clusters teachers are to impart education to the students in the rural areas. As the schools are closed students in rural areas mostly take out animals for rearing or assist their parents in other activities. Under such conditions, teachers are physically visiting these students at their places to impart education. In Bastar block following the initiative taken by BEO, CAC Shailendra Tiwari and Praveen Singh of Ektaguda and also all cluster coordinators are directing the teachers through the group for continuing studies of students. The teachers by maintaining social distancing and taking utmost precautions are teaching students in a group of 5 or 10.
No teaching in school buildings but classes in forest
As the children in rural areas are used to remain outside their houses for taking animals for grazing, collection of forest products teachers are also reaching inside the forest to get students and impart them education at their place. The teachers in turn through WhatsApp are informing about their activities to the officials.

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