Take immediate steps to solve water woes: Mayor

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Raipur, May 31: Mayor Pramod Dubey has told all zone commissioners and water department in-charge officers of Raipur Municipal Corporation (RMC) to take all necessary steps in various localities in the city to improve drinking water arrangements and tackle water crisis in ongoing scorching summer.
The Mayor told Zone Commissioners to launch pre-monsoon cleanliness drive to ensure smooth drainage of waste water during rainy season. Dubey also discussed necessity of early construction of new drains at various zones in the city. Agreeing to the proposal for construction of new drains at the earliest, Dubey said that focus should be laid on slope of each new drain through continuous monitoring of the construction so as to ensure proper drainage.
He said that no attention was paid towards the slope during construction of some drains and nullahs earlier and that this caused drainage problem during rainy season.
Discussing measures to strengthen property tax recovery system with the officers, Mayor Dubey gave various suggestions on this issue. Referring to stystematic recovery of property tax in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation the RMC officials suggested recovering water tax keeping in mind the rate of property tax in the city.
Zone-1 officials told Mayor that several bores in Zone-1 area have run dry due to blistering summer heat. Ward residents in Zone-1 are being supplied driniing water through 28 rounds of tankers every day, they said adding that work of supplying drinking water to wards under Zone-1 was being monitored continuously.
During discussion Zone-1 water department officials suggested laying pipelines from Bharat Mata Chowk to Dr BR Ambedkar Chowk via Gudiyari Pahadi Chowk, Mini Mata Chowk to Murra Bhatthi via Satnami Para and Main Road to Gudiyari to permanently solve drinking water crsisis during summer. Giving his consent, the Mayor told concerned officers in Zone-1 to take necessary steps to solve water crisis.

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