‘Swachh Railgadi’ campaign in Raipur Division

As part of ‘Swachh Rail Swachh Bharat’ fortnight

Raipur, Sep 22:
“Swachh Rail Swachh Bharat” Swachhta Pakhawada is being organised in Raipur Division from 16th September to 30 th September-2020. 21 st & 22 nd Septemeber-2020 were observed as “Swachh Railgadi ” ( Clean Train )” over Raipur Division.
In order to ensure cleanliness at trains originating from the Division as well as train passing through the Division, intensive inspection was carried out at washing lines , Railway yards and also at stations. During this drive cleaning of coaches, toilets, berths, wash basins , Mirror, electrical equipment were ensured. checking of availability of OBHS staff with uniform and protective gears. Suggestions and feedback from on board passengers were obtained for suitable action and for making further improvement of passenger amenities and to ensure passenger satisfaction.

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