Subhash Ghai is planning a sequel of Aitraaz

Mumbai Mirror, filmmaker Subhash Ghai is planning a sequel of Aitraaz and intends to cast Chopra again as one of the lead characters.

Ghai reportedly had been working on the story for the past two years, but the script of the film has been locked now. The Mirror report also adds that Chopra is also keen to work in the sequel, owing to the fact that a major share of acclaim in her cinematic career is credited to this film. She is expected to start discussing the story and other details with the team after she is back from her Quantico season 3 schedule in New York.

Aitraaz sequel will have a new setting, as reported by Mirror; while Ghai will be backing the project, he is reportedly looking for a new director to helm the project.

Priyanka Chopra or Subash Ghai have neither confirmed nor denied this news yet.

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