Strata Introduces Wide Flexible StrataGrid Geogrid

MUMBAI: Strata’s new manufacturing facility in Daheli, Gujarat, India caters to flexible geogrids (StrataGrid ) and HDPE geocells (StrataWeb ). With the setting up of this new facility, Strata has been able to satisfy large-scale domestic and international market demands. For the StrataGrid series, the improvements include low elongation, industry-leading stress-strain values, customizable widths and lengths, faster deliveries, and, last, but certainly not the least, a wide-width geogrid.

(Photo: ) Previously, Strata manufactured 1.9 metre and 3.8 metre flexible geogrids to its own project sites, installers across India, and to its valued distributors around the world. Strata has now added new dimensions to its product line. In addition to continuing with the 1.9m and 3.8m geogrids, Strata can also supply geogrids up to 5.7m width. For some project applications, this will minimize overlaps and wastage of the product, leading to cost and time savings for the project.

Strata’s flexible geogrids are manufactured and coated very intricately in order to provide long lifespans for all applications that they are used in. While they are predominantly used to reinforce highway ramps, this new dimension enables Strata to applying its uniaxial and biaxial series of StrataGrid in several applications where wider widths are preferred – embankments over soft soils (basal reinforcement), asphalt reinforcement, reinforcement of landfill containment walls, stabilization at mining sites, and many more. Strata’s new facility is equipped to serve all projects – no matter its size and demanding requirements. The in-house laboratory is in the last phase of being GAI-LAP accredited, enabling in-house testing and self-certification for all geosynthetics leaving the plant. All Strata clients are assured of receiving the highest quality of products, including its latest 5.7m flexible geogrid.

About Strata Geosystems: Strata Geosystems is a global leader in geotechnical product and engineering solutions. With fully integrated design, supply and construction capabilities, Strata provides solutions to complex soil reinforcement and stabilization challenges. Strata’s line of geosynthetic products are matched by world-class engineering support and geotechnical expertise.

Strata’s products, including the industry-leading StrataGrid (geogrid) and StrataWeb (geocell) lines, are ISO certified, hold CE markings, and are tested in GAI-LAP accredited labs across the US, UK, and India. As a member of the International Geotechnical Society (IGS), Strata proudly promotes the advancement of geosynthetics.

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