Stove Heating process of Blast Furnace 4 begins after Capital Repairs

Bhilai, May 13: Stove heating of SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant’s Blast Furnace No 4 was started on Thursday, paving the way for the blowing in of the furnace. Blast Furnace No 4 had been under capital repair from July 2018. Before repairs were undertaken, the furnace was producing around 1900 Tonnes of hot metal per day. Once the furnace is blown in after the repairs, the furnace is expected to produce at a daily level of around 2700 T. During the shutdown period, complete relining of the furnace was done along with the changing of carbon block. There are three hot blast stoves in BF#4. While the heating of Stove 10 and 11 was initiated on Thursday, heating of Stove 12 will be initiated in a few days, following which the furnace will be blown in. The capital repair of Blast furnace 4 that is now on the verge of completion will enable increased levels of hot metal production from the furnace and will also help the furnace achieve better techno-economic parameters. Major upgradation jobs carried out during this capital repair include upgradation of old Russian style stove to Hoogoven Stoves and replacement of old Electro–Mechanical Drill Machine and Mudgun with new Hydraulic Drill machine and Mudgun. The new Hoogoven Stoves will be able to provide the Hot Blast temperature upto 1200 degree Centigrade which will be 200 to 250 degree more than that from the previous stove. High hot blast temperature will greatly improve the techno-economics of the furnace. This new Hydraulic drill machine and mudgun will help for better tapping duration and will support better furnace regime.
SN Abidi, CGM I/c Services, SR Suryawanshi, CGM I/c Iron, Arvind Kumar, CGM I/c M & U, Tapas Dasgupta, CGM, BFs, SK Mehta, CGM (Projects & Utilities), Ashok Kumar, CGM (Projects) and few members of the BF collective were present during the process of first heating of stove.

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