State animal Wild Buffalo Prince unwell, cannot walk due to problem in eyes

Mainpur, Feb 07: State animal Wild Buffalo kept in enclosure at Udanti Sitandi Tiger Reserve is not keeping well for the last two years. These animals are at the brink of extinction and only 07-08 buffaloes are left in the state forest. Wild Buffalo Prince kept in an enclosure in this sanctuary is about 11 years old and its health is getting worse with each passing day. This animal for the last two years is suffering from infection in one eye and could not see with that eye. Now, for the last six months Prince developed infection in the second eye and is now totally blind. The animal suddenly falls down while grazing. The villagers informed the matter to forest department and now the Prince is kept in an enclosure where doctors are treating both its eyes but still has not got success in curing the animal. The animal kept in closure is not able to eat and drink as it is completely blind. It is getting weak with every passing day. A week before Zilla Panchayat Chairman Dhanmati Yadav had reached to see this wild buffalo and alleged that there is lapses on the part of forest department in taking care of this animal and conveyed to make complaint to the Chief Minister and forest minister Mohammad Akbar. Now the forest department is planning to call specialists from Assam for treating the animal.
What official says
“ The treatment of both the eyes of wild buffalo Prince is being done by the forest department and the treatment will be continued in future till Prince gets completely cure.”
Ayush Jain
Deputy Director
Udanti Sitanadi Tiger Reserve

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