SRM Institute observes ‘World Environment Day’

Chennai, Jun 13:
As part of commemorating the ‘World Environment Day’, SRM Institute of Science and Technology continued its culture with a weeklong event that explored different ways to conserve the environment. The event started with an Environmental Audit around the University campus. This activity helps to gauge the exact status of the waste that has been created by us and eventually helps us to reduce the quantity of the waste and to understand the impact it has on our ecosystem.
Dr. Sandeep Sancheti, Vice Chancellor of SRM Institute of Science and Technology presided the whole event andDr. A. Sundaram, Dean, SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre delivered the special address and gave few interesting insights into the ways, the environment can be handled better. He also explained ideas that could make the country more sustainable.m J. Daniel Chellappa, Senior Scientist in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BRAC) facilitated the event and pinpointed the need to develop higher efficient water purifiers in houses and colleges. He spoke about the ways water purification can be perceived in SRM. He also added that BRAC has developed technologies that would decrease the water wastages during reverse osmosis.
He also commented about the BARC developed variety of drought seeds in Tamil Nadu.
Er. M. Shanmugasundaram, Scientific Officer, Kalpakkam gave a speech about Radiation awareness. He also added the need to develop better awareness among people about the radiations.
Dr. V. K. Ramadesikan, Former Professor in Madras Medical College, spoke about the Hospital Waste Management. He said that we need to be careful while disposing Hospital wastes such as a syringe, liquids, used bandages and dressings, discarded gloves and other medical supplies. He explained different ways to dispose of all these wastes safely and eco-friendly.
The weeklong event got kick-started with the Tree planting and Seed Ball throwing in SRM Rural Health Hospital in Mamandoor. Events such as E-poster and Banner creation based on Hospital Waster management and, this year’s main agenda, Beat Air Pollution (#BeatAirPollution) got hundreds of entries. Lot of Students took part in these events and were at their creative best. The Institution of Engineers, Kalpakkam and Indian Association of Nuclear and Allied Scientist, Kalpakkam sponsored gifts for the first three prizes in each category.
Many workshops were also conducted during the event. Workshop on Seed ball making was conducted by Dr. Parthiban created a lot of buzzes. Dr. Lineaus Martin, Director of Campus life, demonstrated the ways to create and maintain Terrace gardening. And the Institute of Hotel Management conducted a workshop on Fireless cooking.

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