SR Hospital & Research Centre saves life of a critical patient

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Bhilai, Sep 19: SR Hospital and Research Centre located on Dhamdha Road Chikhali Durg has yet again given life to a patient. The medical team of the hospital saved the life of a woman admitted to the hospital in serious gynaecological condition.
On arriving at SR Hospital, the woman was treated under the supervision of gynaecologist and obstetrician Dr Abhilasha Mishra Panigrahi (MBBS, DGO). Now the woman is completely healthy and has expressed gratitude to the hospital management.
According to information, the patient Sunita Tiwari of Rajnandgaon, aged 40 had reached SR Hospital Chikhali Durg for treatment in a very critical condition. The patient was immediately seen by the gynaecologist and obstetrician Dr Abhilasha Mishra Panigrahi (MBBS, DGO).
During the examination of the patient, it was found that the patient has severe pain in the lower abdomen and there was continuous bleeding from the vaginal tract, due to which there was loss of blood from the patient’s body. The patient was feeling dizzy and was vomiting almost at regular intervals due to which the condition of the patient became very serious.
After taking the detailed history, it was found that the patient had not had menstruation for more than a month, after which the UPT test was done immediately. UPT came out positive and in the meanwhile the blood pressure of the female patient had gone down. Sonography examination of the patient was done immediately which reported that the woman had ectopic pregnancy i.e, in the fallopian tube outside the uterus, not in the uterus.
The patient was immediately prepared for emergency operation and efforts were made to control bleeding. The patient was immediately transfused 2 units of blood and operation was done which was successful.

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