Speculations are still on about Sonam and Anand’s Wedding

Sonam kapoor always keeps her personal life under the wraps.
we even came to know by speculators that sonam was off to india last week busy in shopping for her wedding.

There has always been rumours about having a bit fat destination wedding but through sources we came to know that now they would be planning to do in mumbai itself and might give a reception in delhi as it is not possible to handle 150 guests it would be to cumbersome as well as for the elders of the family to fly to Switzerland for the wedding is not that easy.

we even learned that kapoor family is working overtime to finalise the details due to changes in the dates last minute.They are even planning to book a hotel near juhu or bandra for ease of reaching the venue. we may see sonam back to work after 3 days of her marriage,speculated dates could be said as may 6 or may 7 of this year.
as sonam is a fashion statement so its time to see what is unique in her wedding .

time to see if the speculations are correct or not.
not only sonam and anand but both the kapoor family as well as ahuja family is very excited about this wedding and are busy planning for the same.

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