Social Media: From enhancing reputation to creating embarrassment

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Top politicians have been using the tool of social media to reach to the larger masses as well as to enhance their reputation to gain the political mileage in the recent past. But with growing dominance of new media, the above tool of social media had been the cause of their political downfall as a single (miss)act had been trolled in the latest form of communication. Further on, even the small slip of tongue had been used by the opposition to further create public resentment. Congress President Rahul Gandhi also became the victim of one such act as he reportedly misspell the state-run Telecom provider (BSNL) with BHEL while launching attack on the move of the government to distribute free smart phones to over 50 lakh people including students ahead of the next Legislative Assembly elections. BJP’s social media team grabbed the opportunity with both the hands issuing questioning how come the BHEL has started manufacturing mobile phones. Through the social media account of Chhattisgarh BJP, the opposition chief Rahul Gandhi was further trolled in the new media, creating embarrassment for the Congmen.
Apart from the above, there exists several instances when the politicians including the Ministers from the ruling BJP too had either wrongly responded or had shared the quite few controversial posts in social media, resulting in similar embarrassment for them.

Comment on “Parashoot Drop” boomerangs on high-flying Supremo
Supremo of the newly-floated Regional Outfit who had been vocal against the Congress over the last few months, had to face the heat of his own style of dictating his political terms as several of his party allies ditched him to rejoin his rival Congress in presence of AICC Chief Rahul Gandhi on Friday. Further on, he had to face embarrassment for his words which he had made against Congress chief over his “Para shoot Drop” as the social media savvy people went on to remind him that he had been asked to lead the party at the time of formation of new state of Chhattisgarh in the year 2000 whereas several other heavy-weights were denied to govern the tribal-dominated Chhattisgarh.

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