Smart School App soon to monitor government schools

Bhilai, May 26:
Soon complete information related to government schools in the city will be available for public through the Smart School App. This app can be downloaded to the smart phone by visiting the Play Store. The app would provide information including number of students studying in school, number of teachers available, and the number of children who are beneficiaries of various government schemes.
In charge Education Officer Y Rajendra Rao informed that initially 27 high schools have been linked to the app on trial basis. Soon all the 130 government schools operational in city would be linked to this app for the convenience of the people. Through the app, subject teachers would be available to clear the doubts that students face during studies. Rao further informed that 75% of the work for the app has been completed.
He explained that the app would store the school details including the total number students enrolled in the school, class wise enrolment of students, number of students receiving scholarship as well as the basic details such as availability of drinking water in the school building, electricity, toilets, sanitation, facilities for divyangs, computers, net availability and subject wise teachers. He further informed said that this app can also be used for queries through chat interface like Whatsapp. The app will have photo gallery displaying picture of the school as well as snaps of the activities done throughout the year. Once the app is officially made available for use, the information for parents regarding the school and their children would be only a click away.
They can collect information about their children via conversation with the teacher through the app which would help them to assess the intellectual status of their wards. Information about the books available in the school libraries and the previous year question papers will also be available in the app.
The information of the notes given to the children by the teachers will be available in the app. The app can be downloaded on the smart phone through the registered mobile number in the school.
Incharge Education Officer revealed that it being summer vacation time data for certain schools is not currently available and so the app cannot be downloaded from the Play Store but with the opening of the schools full data would be collected and made available via Smart School App. The app will be available in Hindi and English language on the store, which will be provided to the parent on the mobile number registered at the school after obtaining OTP.

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