Sharman Joshi: Everyone assumed I’d do only lead roles after ‘Ferrari…’

A ctor Sharman Joshi has been part of many hit ensemble films such as 3 Idiots, Rang De Basanti, Golmaal and Life In a… Metro before 2012 solo hit Ferrari Ki Sawaari happened. He said that post that, while everyone expected him to do only lead characters in films, that is not how he looked at his projects.
Sharman said: “I have immense faith and confidence in myself and thanks to God, I am every grateful to him for the talent bestowed upon me. Right after ‘Ferrari Ki Sawaari’, there were plenty of solo offers for me. Typically our industry thinks and functions in a way that ‘now Sharman will only be interested in doing solo hero films.’ But that is now how I thought. ”
He goes on to say that while everyone was waiting for him to go the stereotypical manner, he instead did films which didn’t meet the expected criteria.
“Everybody thought I would do solo hero film but I was waiting for the right script to come my way, be it ensemble or solo hero. I didn’t have any precedented notion in my head. It so happened that a beautiful film ‘Gang of Ghosts’ came to me, a film called ‘War Chhod Na Yaar’ came to me and then there was Super Nani. These were ensemble cast. They didnt work, all these three films. I chose scripts and they didn’t work out but that is life,” says the actor, who was recently seen in “Fauji Calling”.
The actor concluded: “My choices were never on the fact that I wanted to do a solo film, just because I was part of a hit solo film earlier.”

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