Several wards face dengue threat amid COVID crisis

Raipur, Aug 01: Several wards of Raipur Municipal Corporation are facing threat of dengue amid COVID-19 pandemic. According to information available hundreds of people have fallen sick due to the outbreak of dengue in most of the wards in the city including Ramnagar, Chhota Ramnagar, Gandhinagar, Adarshnagar, Kalibari Basti, Devendranagar Sector-1, Parasnagar and Maudhapara. Seeing the continuous increase in the number of patients in the hospitals, the municipal staff have become alert and are carrying out fogging work in the dengue affected areas besides visiting door-to-door to ask people to empty air coolers.
Municipal Corporation Additional Commissioner Lokeshwar Sahu, Pulak Bhattacharya also held a meeting of the Health Officers of the Corporation in the presence of Kumar Singh, Specialist Officer of the District Malaria Department at the Corporation Headquarters to discuss measures for dengue prevention. Information about measures being taken for dengue prevention The expert officer of District Malaria Department Mr Singh suggested conducting public awareness campaign in all the zones and all the wards of Raipur Municipal Corporation to make people aware of dengue. According to him awareness can help prevent dengue. According to him people should be made aware of follow simple steps at their homes for dengue prevention.
The RMC Health Department was told to launch a campaign in all 70 wards to ask people to empty coolers for prevention of dengue. Water should not be allowed to stagnate anywhere in and around the house and in case of water logging information should be passed immediately, so that the problem can be solved at the earliest, it was instructed in the meeting.

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