Senior INTUC leaders join BMS

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Bhilai, May 31: Working committee meeting of Bhilai Ispat Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) was held under the chairmanship of Working President SM Pandey. Addressing the meeting, Pandey stated that the employees of Bhilai Steel Plant are highly aggrieved with the inactive two tenures of CITU as representative union in Bhilai. He claimed that BMS is the only union on which the employees are expressing faith with the slogan “BMS Hai to Mumkin Hai”. He urged the office bearers to pull up their socks and work for ensuring victory of the union in the upcoming elections.
General Secretary Dinesh Kumar Pandey stated that all the Zone Committees of the union will be constituted on June 02. On the day, Anjani Dwivedi was entrusted the responsibility of Office Secretary and Communication I/c; while Sunny Ippan and Sanjay Dhol have been given the responsibility of Media i/c and Spokesperson. Pandey further informed that the working committee would be expanded soon.
Senior leaders of INTUC including Malay Mukherjee; AB Fule, Ratan Biswas and Mr Sengupta formally took membership of BMS union on the dat. They were welcomed with garlands in the union. They stated that they have joined Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh after being influenced with the working and policies of the union. They further said that in the present situation of change, BMS is the only union which can fulfil the expectations of the employees. They further expressed contentment on getting the best platform to serve the workmen. They condemned the trade unions of communist ideology over several issues.
During the meeting, tributes were paid to the Late BK Mardikar, father of Praveen Mardikar on his sad demise. Tributes were paid to father of MP Singh (Union’s General Secretary, Rajhara Mines) who passed away a couple of days ago.
Proposing the vote of thanks, Nirmal Mishra stated that there is a under current in the entire plant in favour of BMS union. He hoped that the membership of the union will increase in the coming days. SM Pandey, Sunil Kumar Verma, Som Bharti, Radhakant Pandey, Sunny Ippan, Nirmal Mishra, Santosh Kumar Parashar, Sanjay Dhol, Abison K Varghese, Anil Jain, Prasant Ksheersagar; Anil Gajbhiye, Malay Mukherjee, K Damodaram, TM Mahapatra, Ravi Chaudhary, AP Fule, Ratan Vishwas, Sengupta and others were present.

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