Secretary annoyed seeing heap of plastic waste in city

Central Chronicle News
Raipur, May 15:
Notwithstanding, paying crore to the company entrusted to door-to-door collection of waste along with hundreds of sanitation workers pushed into service to keep the city clean, plight of the city is pitiably poor.
Not only this the plastic waste which is found in abundance is not properly handled and segregated as decided, and this is something which had irritated secretary urban administration Alarmelmangai D. Secretary had taken officials from RMC oblique handed on this issue .
She has sternly declared that she would call a monthly review meet on sanitation issue and if irregularity is found she would be bound to take stringent action against responsible officials or personnel. Secretary urban Administration was taking maiden meeting of officials in RMC’s hall. RMC Commissioner Shiv Anant Tayal, Upper Commissioner and three zonal commissioners also attended that meeting.
Officials have informed the secretary about the banned plastic waste that with the help of 150 ragpickers minimum 150 tons of waste being collected every month. After selling this trash for last two months Rs 6,12,000 have been collected and have been distributed among rag-pickers. Cement plants have been identified by department of environment for processing the plastic waste, however it was purportedly informed that from last 8 months RMC had taken no call on it.

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