SECR making significant contribution in environment conservation

Planted more than 6.18 lakh saplings last year in all three divisions
4188 bio-toilets installed in 1183 coaches till May 2019 in SECR

Bilaspur, Jun 06: In all important cities of three divisions of SECR viz. Bilaspur, Raipur and Nagpur, there is lot of greeneryin the Railway Colonies, in Railway offices and railway station premises and this is accepted by all. Not only this getting motivated and attracted from the greenery in the railway colonies, majority of people take morning and evening walk.
The South East Central Railway (SECR) does not take care of environment on special occasions, but throughout the year to conserve, air, water and atmospheric environment.
For conservation of environment, SECR planted lakhs of saplings last year on the premises of its working area and offices. In the same way in year 2018-19 also 6.18 lakh saplings were planted, so that the environment can be kept clean & green and the increasing temperature can be brought down.
In this way from environmental point of view, all the four States coming under SECR viz. Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, the railways along with forest department is planting saplings in vacant land. Along with this to keep the railway tracks, trains and platform neat & clean and to keep the environment safe and to promote greenery and development, bio-toilets are being installed in the coaches in trains. In this context, SECR has installed 4188 bio-tanks in 1183 coaches till May 2019 and in rest of the coaches also bio-tanks will be installed by Jun 2019.
The SECR in order to conserve water and make water management and to increase the ground-water-table, all the new buildings of Railways are being installed with rainwater harvesting system. In the buildings under SECR jurisdiction, rainwater harvesting system has been installed in more than 161 office buildings and in main buildings of the Zone. Along with this in all the buildings under construction in order to ensure rainwater harvesting on the rooftops of all buildings, a detailed drawing has been prepared for implementation in head office, divisions and workshops. Now all the new buildings of railways will have rainwater harvesting system. Apart from Rainwater harvesting, SECR is also establishing a water recycling plant of 0.5 lakh litre per day in Coaching depot, Bilaspur and Durg. In this the water used in cleaning of coaches in depot, the same is recycled and again reused for cleaning of coaches and for in plantation. With this recycling plant, around 60000 to 75000 worth of water is being saved on daily basis. The same type of recycling plants are being constructed in Coaching Depot Gondia and three other places.
Similarly in the mechanised laundry in Coaching Depot Bilaspur, stream conditional plant has been established, in which after ioning of the clothes, the water used is again recycled and by doing so 5000 lts of water is saved daily. To ensure less use of water in cleaning of platforms, high-pressure jet system machine is being used and in this high pressure air is used along with water. So it is by avoiding misuse of water and saving rainwater, SECR is playing important role in water conservation and also rendering services in making railway traffic eco-friendly. In addition to this from environment conservation point of view, SECR is promoting use of Solar Energy, so that the renewable energy can also be used in place of regular power supply. Under this SECR has plans to achieve capacity of 54 MW and so far SECR has installed solar power plant of 1 MW. Under this, in Bhanwar Tank Railway Station and colony, power is used through solar energy and many far-flung railway-gates are also run on solar power. From energy conservation point of view and to reduce the heat generated from lighting of bulbs, LED lights have been installed in 260 stations and so far 27000 LED lights have been replaced in railway colonies and residence and this process is going on.

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