SECR gets Rs 22.44 cr for employee welfare schemes

Bilaspur: In this year’s budget for FY 2019- 20, South East Central Railway (SECR) has been allocated Rs 22.44 cr for various schemes launched for welfare of the railway employees. SECR has always been ahead of welfare of its hard working employees, because of whose efforts SECR is one of the largest loading and revenue earning Zones of the Railways.

SECR not only works for the welfare of its employees, but also for its family members, specially many schemes have been launched for female members and children. These schemes/ facilities are mainly related to health, safety, technical training or be it cultural programme. Even facilities like ‘Hastan’ for talented children of the employees and scholarship for higher education and many types of schemes for welfare of the employees.

For this SECR’s personnel department by forming a sub-department is actually implementing it and is running hosts of schemes for welfare of the employees and their family members. Homeopathy Clinic: There are three homeopathic clinics operational in Raipur, Bilaspur and Shahdol and the employees are drawing its full benefit.

Cultural activities The Division organises

A decision has been taken to open a new Homeopathic clinic in BMY/ Raipur division. Cultural activities The Division organises inter-division cultural competitions related to dance, song, music, drama and others and in this the budding talent and good performers are presented prizes/ gifts by the railways. School camp/ study tour In the schools run on the railway premises, the students of non-gazzeted officers and employees are taken on tour to various tourist sites to increase their experience and provide more exposure to them, apart from holding education tour to increase their outreach for education. Employee holiday camp It is in order to break the monotony in day-to-day work of employees, a group of employees are taken on tour to various tourist destinations.

Railway institute For the employees in order to fulfill their family and social customs and rituals, SECR is running 17 Railway Institutions at a very reasonable rates. It is for carrying out infrastructural development and for organising various sports and cultural activities, the Railway Institute is authorised for it. Activities for Women’s empowerment SECR has got 3072 female officers and employees and they are posted on important posts in the railways and for them Railways run various schemes related to health, safety, social and economic development.

It is in this series, a total of 154 girl students of railway employees studying in Class 9th in 2017-18 and 2018-19 have been provided with bi-cycles. The SEC Railway HS School No. 01 of Bilaspur has been presented with Greet School Certificate in India and has got first prize in the Gold Rating and under the Centre for Educational Development it has got the award of ‘Most

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