Sanjay Raut calls for all-party visit to Belgaum

Mumbai, Mar 13 (PTI):
Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut on Saturday alleged that Marathi people residing in Karnataka’s Belgaum were being victimised, and said an all-party delegation from Maharashtra should visit the city in the neighbouring state to resolve the ongoing stand-off.
Talking to reporters, Raut said that in the last eight days there have been instances of attack on Shiv Sena leaders and the party’s office in Belgaum by pro-Kannada outfits.
“Belgaum is part of India and the Maharashtra- Karnataka dispute is a language dispute. Itshouldn’t be stretched too far and this is the responsibility of the Karnataka government too,” he said.
“If the situation goes out of hand, the Shiv Sena and the Maharashtra government shouldn’t be blamed since the response would not be official, but political,” the Sena’s Rajya Sabha member said.
Raut blamed the Centre for the situation in Belgaum, saying that it can see violence in West Bengal and places where BJP is contesting elections, but “turning a blind eye” to the developments in Belgaum.

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