Sanjay Leela Bhansali records statement at police station in Sushant Singh Rajput case

Filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali arrived at Bandra police station on Monday (July 6) to join investigations in the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Bhansali has been summoned by the Bandra police to record his statement and will be questioned regarding the films he had offered to the late actor, which didn’t materialise.

Bhansali arrived at the police station at around 12:30 pm and was accompanied by his lawyer and a few of his staffers. Sources claimed that Rajput was under contract with another major production house when he was offered a film by Bhansali, hence he couldn’t work with him. The film later turned out to be a blockbuster, sources claimed.

Police are investigating all the possible angles to know what drove Sushant Singh Rajput to take this extreme step. Everyone who was associated with Sushant, on both personal and professional capacity, are being summoned by the police to record their statements.

Over 29 persons have recorded their statements until now. Some people have been called multiple times. Siddharth Pitani, creative content manager of Sushant, who was also present on June 14 at his residence when the incident took place, also recorded his statement with the police twice. Police sources claimed that statements of some close relatives could be recorded again by the investigating team.

A journalist working with a Bollywood news portal was also questioned regarding a story she had done on Rajput. The investigators questioned the journalist on whether the story had been sent to her by some Public Relations firm or some other source.

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